Refund Policy


Recolat provides Refunds to all eligible claims during the 100 Nights Free Trial of Recolat Mattresses.

The 100 Nights Free Trial is valid for the first 100 days after your receipt of your purchased Recolat Mattress. 

The Refund Policy for Recolat Mattress with a valid 100 Nights Free Trial lasts for the first 100 days, starting from the day of receipt of your purchased Recolat Mattress. If in any case the purchased mattress is found not to be a good fit for you, you can return the purchased mattress to us within the first 100 days after your receipt of purchased mattress and we are happy to process a complete refund to you. 

If you want to return your mattress during your 100 Nights Free Trial, please e-mail Recolat at with subject line “Return-100 Nights-[Insert Order ID]” to discuss and solve your issue. Along with this e-mail, please provide us with your Order ID, scanned copy of Invoice, followed by the details of the issue you are experiencing while using the mattress, so that we can process your Return as early as possible. 

Upon receiving your Return request email, our Customer Care Officer will assess your situation on a case by case basis and if your claim is approved, you will be asked to return the purchased product to Factory location of Recolat specified in the e-mail send by us. 

Recolat will send you a packing material and Waybill document for returning the product. Please pack your mattress and stick the Waybill on the packing material we have sent you.

Upon receiving the product, Recolat will inspect the product & confirm on Refund status.

Your Return is only accepted if the returned product is in a donatable condition without any tears, stains, odours or other soiling. 

Return or Refunds are not accepted if:

  • Water, chemical food stains or liquids poured on mattress causing it to shrinkage, dampen, stink, stain or become bulky
  • The mattress ordered is of custom size.
  • The mattress does not have brand tags
  • The mattress have been misused 
  • The customer fails to submit the required documents to address the Return request such as Order ID or scanned copy of invoice.

Please note that the 100 Nights Free Trial is only available for Recolat Mattresses and is not available for Recolat Pillows.

Please note that the custom size mattresses are not eligible for the 100 Nights Free Trial. Custom size mattresses are covered under Warranty from the date of receipt of your purchased mattress. Please read Warranty page for more details on Recolat Mattress Warranty.

If a customer has returned a Recolat Mattress within their 100 Nights Free Trial, that Customer or Shipping Address will not be eligible for an additional 100 Nights Free Trials on any of their subsequent orders of Recolat Mattress.

The Shipping charges for returning Recolat Mattress within a valid 100 Nights Free Trial is borne by Recolat.  

Advance Payments made for placing orders on Cash On Delivery is non-refundable in the case of order cancellation.

Please read the documents 100 Nights Free Trial and Terms and Conditions for more details.



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