Yes, Recolat products are organic. Our mattresses and pillows are made from 100% Natural Latex and are wrapped in breathable & plush organic cotton, bamboo or tencel fabric coverings.

Yes, Recolat products are made from 100% Natural Latex, that comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The sap extracted from the rubber tree is whipped into nice frothy foam which is poured into respective moulds in order to be baked and is processed to form the latex mattresses and pillows.

Yes, our premium quality products will be delivered from our factory location to your doorstep absolutely free.

Latex mattresses will give you the ultimate comfort feel and good night's's sleep. When you hit the bed, you’ll be overwhelmed by a soft sinking feeling followed by a buoyant supportive sensation. It happens because of the springy nature of the latex. You will never know a feeling as comfortable as sleeping on a latex mattress.

• Zero motion transfer

Latex mattresses ensures your quality deep sleep as your sleep cycle will not be interrupted by your partner's motion.

• Hypoallergenic

Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic. They prevent allergens from making their way into the mattress.

• Anti-microbial

Naturally-occurring latex happens to be inherently resistant to mildew, mold and bacteria.

• Dust mite resistant

Latex, which is a product of rubber tree, is naturally resistant to dust and mites as it isn’t a hospitable environment for them to thrive in.

• High quality of sleep

Sound sleep automatically translates to a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and a sharper mind. Latex mattresses deliver you the soundest sleep for the next 10 years, if not more.

• Relieves back pain

Latex mattresses with its unique quality to push back, confirms to your body’s natural curves and will relieve you of any body pain you’re suffering from.

• Boosts blood circulation

Latex mattresses provides even pressure distribution over your body which enhances blood circulation to give you a sound sleep

• Antiperspirant

Natural latex is inherently breathable due to its open cell structure. The antiperspirant properties allow ventilation of body heat and lets you enjoy the best quality sleep.

• Health along with nature

Latex mattresses are made up of all natural latex. It is devoid of pollutants, toxins and chemical odours generally found in synthetic bedding. In addition to being hypoallergenic, pain relieving and naturally breathable, they also help you reduce your carbon footprint contributing towards a sustainable earth.

Recolat premium products are affordable as we sell direclty from our factory to avoid intermediate distributors and retailers. This helps us to cut down any extra costs (the retail store markups, overheads, commissions, etc.) and allows us to provide you the most elite mattresses and pillows at unbelievably modest prices.

Recolat Ultra Green Mattress carry a 10 Years Limited Warranty from the date of purchase.

Recolat Classic Green Mattress carry a 10 Years Limited Warranty from the date of purchase.

Recolat Hybrid Mattress carry a 7 Years Limited Warranty from the date of purchase.

For more detailed information on Warranty, please visit Recolat Warranty page.

Pillows from Recolat carry 1 Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase.

For more detailed information on Warranty, please visit Recolat Warranty page.

Latex mattress with its unique quality to push back, confirms to your body’s natural curves and will relieve you of any body pain you’re suffering through. Natural Latex, with its unique elastic properties, instantly responds to your body by gently filling the gaps between you and the mattress. The result is a feeling you'll love every single night and even more in the morning.

No, Latex mattresses and pillows should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Only air dry your mattress or pillow under fan if your latex products become wet.

Recolat provides you three options of fabric coverings to choose from:

a) Ultra Premium Tencel Fabric

Tencel is a botanical fabric found in nature. It is harvested from Eucalyptus trees and produced through a closed loop manufacturing process.

b) Organic Cotton Fabric (Optional)

Organic cotton fabric is grown without the use of any pesticides. It feels softer, smells cleaner and is less likely to trigger any allergies.

c) Organic Bamboo Fabric (Optional)

Organic bamboo fabric is made from the pulp of bamboo grass without the use of any pesticides. It is hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing and quick drying.

Recolat products are manufactured through Dunlop process.

Here’s why we use Dunlop latex for Recolat products

• More density

Dunlop latex is more denser than Talalay latex due to higher foam to air ratio. As a result, Dunlop provides you a firmer bedding.

• More eco-friendly

In comparison to Talalay latex, Dunlop latex needs less processing due to which they are more eco-friendly than the former.

• More affordability

Estimates show that Talalay Latex takes four times longer and five times as much energy for manufacturing than Dunlop latex, making Dunlop latex much more affordable.

• More durability

The durability of Dunlop latex is higher compared to Talalay latex as the latter has lesser density due to large amount of aeration.

• More springy

Dunlop latex is more springy and less bouncy and doesn't give you the feel of sinking sensation that Talalay latex usually do.

Yes, no matter what your sleeping position is Recolat's Natural Latex mattresses, with its unique properties, instantly responds to your body by gently filling the gaps between the mattress and you. The result is a feeling that you will love every single night and even more in the morning.

The manufacturing and distribution of Recolat premium quality products helps the planet turn a shade greener than it is.

• Sustainable resource

Natural latex is tapped from rubber trees without cutting them down, allowing the trees to live, grow and purify the environment. It is ensured that new trees are planted in order to replace the older ones at the end of their life span.

• Biodegradable & Recyclable

Latex is recyclable. When it is utilized to its maximum, it can be discarded in a landfill where it would degrade eventually.

• Less carbon footprint

Latex products have less carbon footprint, as the carbon dioxide emissions during the life cycle of natural latex products are very less.

We aim to process all customer orders in 1 - 5 business days, with the exception of weekends. For festive season and public holidays, order process may take more than 1-5 days as each order is custom manufactured.

It may take upto 7- 30 business days to deliver your orders. Once we process, an e-mail with the tracking details will be mailed to you.

Kindly note that during unavoidable circumstances such as peak season, festive season, poor weather conditions or public holidays it might take more time to deliver the order and depending on certain conditions it can take more than 30 business days to deliver your order.

Steps for warranty claim handling:

1. Submit proof of problem to Recolat along with the pictures of mattress or pillow, scanned copy of original invoice and scanned copy of Warranty Card to our e-mail id info@recolat.com

2. Recolat will asses the warranty claim and will ask the customer to return the mattress/pillow to Factory location of Recolat specified in the reply e-mail send by us.

3. Recolat will send you a packing material and Waybill document for returning the product. Please pack your mattress or pillow and stick the Waybill on the packing material we have sent you.

4. Upon receiving the product, Recolat will inspect the product & confirm on claim status.

5. Recolat will either repair the product or provide Recolat Credits if repair is not possible at its own discretion.

6. All eligible warranty claims will be addressed within 30 days of receiving the warranty claimed product at our Factory Location.

For more detailed information on Warranty, please visit Recolat Warranty page.

If by mistake you have ordered a wrong sized mattress and it is already delivered to you, we are happy to replace the mattress by the correct size mattress. All you have to do is to send us a mail at info@recolat.com with subject line “Wrong Mattress Size - [Insert Order ID]” to discuss and solve your issue. Along with this e-mail, please provide us with your Order ID, picture of the product received, scanned copy of Warranty Card and the receipt followed by a detailed description of the issue so that we can solve your issue as early as possible. If the claim is approved the Guidelines For Return Mail For Return and Replacement of Item and the mail address to which the received product has to be returned will be send to the customer via e-mail.

We will send the replacement mattress after receiving the wrong sized mattress back at our factory. Please note that the customer has to pay the difference amount if the price of replacement mattress is more than the returned mattress before receiving the replacement mattress. Similarly if the price of replacement mattress is less than the returned mattress, Recolat will refund the difference amount to the customer. Please note that in this case the Shipping Charges for returning the wrong sized mattress is borne by the customer.

Please note that this return facility will not be applicable for custom size mattresses that are manufactured based on the mattress size provided by the customer.

Since the entire process is long, there are chances for delays in the delivery of new product. Hence we request our customers to double check the size of mattress before placing the order.

To place an order for a custom size mattress, please write to us at info@recolat.com or give us a call at +91 8668369321.

Please follow these instructions to take care and handle your Recolat Mattresses and Pillows:

Always use a secondary cloth on top (cover/sheet)

Do not place under direct sunlight

If wet, dry with a paper/cloth under a fan

Do not iron or place hot objects on top

Contains Natural Latex covered with Organic Cotton, Bamboo or Tencel Fabric.

Please feel free to contact our customer service at +91 8668369321 for your enquiries or please fill out the Contact form on Contact Us page.

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