Tencel: The Ultra-Premium Fabrics Used In Recolat Mattresses and Pillows

When sleep is the utmost priority all that you need is perfect bedding that enables good airflow and feels cool. However, when the mattress is eco-friendly and natural, there is nothing more one can ask for. Tencel fabrics are one of the natural and eco-friendly fabrics that are sustainably grown, and carefully harvested Lyocell fiber from eucalyptus trees. These fabrics are hence natural cooling elements that are highly breathable and wicks away moisture contents. Tencel Fabric is hence used in Recolat Mattresses and Pillows to bring the gentle essence of nature into your home as we stand to make life cleaner by making the earth greener.

5 reasons why Tencel Fabric is used in Recolat Mattresses and Pillows

Recolat Mattresses and Pillows use Tencel Fabric coverings that are naturally produced through a closed-loop manufacturing process. Thus Recolat Mattresses and Pillows are naturally soft to touch, thereby enhancing your sleeping experience.

Tencel is a naturally breathable fabric that allows air to pass through while minimising the heat produced. Hence Tencel’s softness and breathability make it stand out as a superior ultra-premium fabric.

The utmost requirement for a superior quality mattress is, its comfort and that it ensures long term wearability. Tencel fabrics are superior in terms of wearability, are hypoallergenic, odour-resistant, and itch-free, thus making it an excellent option for your ultimate comfort.

The durability and quality of the mattresses and pillows are something that cannot be compromised when you are looking for the right choice. Tencel ultra-premium fabrics are durable, resist signs of wear, and are resistant to wrinkles. Hence Recolat Mattresses and Pillows use Tencel fabric covers, making it the best ultra-premium one-time investment.

Tencel ultra-premium fabrics being naturally produced, is inherently resistant to mildew, mold and bacteria. The moisture-absorbing properties of the fabric ensure that the fabric is less prone to bacteria growth, which could otherwise lead to allergic reactions.

Tencel fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, that is they prevent allergen from making their way into the mattress and pillows. Tencel fabrics being naturally produced do not irritate the skin, making it possible to be an added advantage in making high-quality hypoallergenic fabric coverings.